Hey, I'm Lee

I'm a Front End Guy

Don't Go There's More


Coding for over 20 years! Yeah, you read that right.

I know you're thinking "This guy looks too young for that to be true!", but it is.

That's because even before I was doing this professionally I was coding way back in highschool just because that's how much I love front end development!

Favorite Technology

These technologies are my bread and butter!

Here are a bunch more that I really like to use

Speaking & Training

I love all aspects of front end development and that includes talking about it and teaching others.

I've spoken at 2 international conferences and 6 national ones

I also know that I didn't get where I am all alone but rather from the help and guidance of others so I'm passionate about doing the same.

I have extensive experience with training and guiding juinor developers.